Love me like a China doll, placed upon the highest shelf.

Brush my ebony curls and wrap them in ribbon.

Shine my patent Mary Janes and wipe away the smudges.

Don’t let the dust settle on the lace of my dress.

Keep me looking perfect.

Don’t take me off the shelf too often,

danger lies on the ground.

Position me in front of the windows

so I can see all that I am missing.

Turn my face away from the sunlight

so my beautiful face doesn’t fade.

Nevermind that I will wilt.

Protect the vibrancy of my dress

from the sun’s harsh embrace.

Keep me looking perfect

in all my majestic glory,

keep me on the shelf always

where I will be safe.

Stand and admire me

but only from a distance.

Don’t come too close,

don’t dirty me with your touch.

I am fragile and am too afraid of being


My pieces are too delicate,

my skin made of the thinnest porcelain,

please don’t touch too heavily,

my skin bears enough cracks from time

and I’m afraid it cannot hold much more.

Love me like a China doll,

keep me safe from harm,

even if it means I must

live my life from the highest shelf

always looking down.